Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Sigh. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are over--yesterday was The First Day of School. Always a bittersweet day for moms, I think. On the one hand, you are all wistful that they are one year older, one year farther away from ruffled dresses and Barbie Doll lunchboxes and holding your hand in line...

But on the other, if that's the price of freedom, I'm paying. My First Day of Solitude was absolutely grand. No one complained of boredom nor did anyone slam a door right after the ear splitting shriek GET OUT OF MY ROOM or MOOOOOOOMMMM, MAKE HER STOP WHISTLING/SINGING/EXISTING NEAR ME. The first day of school is like having a Zen temple right in your own house. It's pure, unadulterated bliss.

To make my nirvana state complete, I witnessed a bonafide miracle before the girls left for school. T. had been on duty the night before and was sleeping in. As I entered the kitchen, grumbling about having to make "nutritious" lunches again, I noticed that the coffee maker was askew. I went closer. It was HOT. I thought, well my husband is kick-ass but not even he would get up and make coffee at 6AM when he just went to bed 3 hours earlier. I poured a cup....strong but not too strong. In fact, it was....perfect. I was still sitting there staring at the machine in wonder when C. said, "Can I have a cup of the coffee I made?"

Wow. I get all choked up thinking about it. All the whining, sneering, screeching of the last few pre-adolescent years just all of a sudden made perfect sense. Yes. I made this child. She has survived to 12 years old. And she can make a great cup of coffee without prompting.

You hear a lot about the first teeth, steps, words, day of kindergarten but really, folks, nothing compares to this. I want to make up a bumper sticker that says HONOR STUDENTS ARE ALL FINE AND GOOD BUT MY CHILD MAKES ME COFFEE IN THE MORNING. HOW BOUT THEM APPLES?

I am not sure that will fit on Frank, though.


Andrea said...

LMAO!! You always put a smile on my face!! My girls will be off to school next week and while I'm sad (Isabella is going into 2nd grade, can you believe it!) I can't wait either.

Children, making coffee?!?! OMG! That is so AWESOME.

nancy b said...

I might start a magnet school to teach kids what they REALLY need to know in life. Lesson 1: Intro to coffee, Lesson 2: Mixing Martinis 101. Grading will be highly subjective.

Godfather S said...

La "rentrée des classes" will be tomorrow. Thibaut is all excited, now that he got his Batman school bag from his German uncle.
Mom and uncle thought it's very practical, dad said he'd thought of something less flashy (some silent highbrowing on my side, after all it's all black and dark blue) but is OK with these colours, Thibaut loves Batman, so everybody is happy.

Nathan was jealous as h*** so we had to get him a Spiderman car model to appease tensions.

Two superheroes going off to school...