Sunday, September 28, 2008

R.I.P., Frank

For thirty minutes, as I watched the Japanese bureaucrats enthusiastically stamp official vermilion stamps within official vermilion stamps on Frank's Death Certificate (Junking slip), I felt a surge of grief. But then, I smelled our new car. And I got over it.
In our defense for jettisoning the ugly (but lovable) monster, it would have cost us a lot more this time for the Japanese Insurance. That's why everyone has a brand spankin' new car here.
After 5 years, the cost to insure an older car just gets too prohibitive.
Which reminds me...we went to eat brunch at a hotel in Tokyo a few weekends ago for the first time in a long time. The lady glanced at Claire and asked her age. I told her and she informed us that she would be the adult price now, a whole ten dollars more. I guess that's fair because the girl can eat.
Lily looked at her sister and said, "Jeez Claire, you are getting really expensive. Maybe we
should junk you too."
In broad daylight, in front of God and country, she was smacked upside the head by her costly older sister. Karma is a killer.

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Karri said...

You're so witty, I love your writing style. I just post pictures and a little explanation of that picture. Looking forward to reading more about your view of life on the "Far Side" or "Far East".