Sunday, September 21, 2008

Storm Warnings

What a crappy weekend, weather-wise. The whole base shut down Friday night for The Typhoon That Never Was. I swear, on the military's part, it's like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. All the restaurants shut down early and the front gate closed at 10PM, which meant no traffic coming on or off base. I went out in the pouring rain to get water and poptarts (more important than a flashlight) at the minimart in case the electricity went out and waited in line for 15 minutes with all the typhoon revelers buying booze. I cleared off our decks and brought everything inside. We hunkered down and then at 4AM it came in all it's glory...some gusty winds that rattled the doors. Whoooopeeee.

Thankfully, since the storm was brief and wimpy, we were able to go out for sushi with Onosan (see earlier post). Tim and I hit some of the antique stores around Yokosuka. So the weekend wasn't a complete wash.

Sunday brought pelting rain. We watched movies and cleaned house. Ah, boredom and hormonal pre-teens...The Perfect Storm. By 5PM, the girls were at each other's throats. Most of their fights progress as follows:

Claire bursts out of her room, head on fire.
Accuses Lily of going into her room without permission.
And messing with her stuff.
Lily protests vehemently.
But is ALWAYS guilty.
I have to intervene before neighbors call security.

So this is precisely what happened on Sunday except Claire comes screaming out of her room that Lily has been using "her" cell phone.

Lily can't protest because she and her friend have recorded little movies on it, "The Bob and Joe Show". Lily counterpoints that Claire gave her the phone. Claire rages indignantly that she said she could use "her" phone to call the friend's mom, not record video. I step in and remind Claire that the phone, in fact, is not hers. "Uh (eyes rolling), YES it is, Mom." Uh, Claire, did you pay for the phone? Uh, do you have the 35 dollars to pay for the phonecard?

She conceded that she did not. I then reminded Lily that she was only to use the phone to call, not record. They both silently retreated to their rooms.

Just as I'm sitting my behind back in my chair to read, Claire flies out of her room for Furious Fit, Part 2 (she's our family's own little weather system). "Not only did she record stuff without my permission, but she snuck in my room after her friend left!" Lily protests vehemently. Okay, Claire, how do you know that? She shoves the phone in my face. Well, there indeed is a video short of Lily's feet "having an argument" on Claire's bed. Lily smiles sheepishly and runs into her room.

Claire is so pissed. I am laughing too hard to mediate any further. Come on Claire, THAT was funny. She smiles slightly.

After I regain my composure, I lecture Lily about going into her sister's room without permission and promise Ultimate Doom if she does it again. I also make a mental note to get that kid a video camera for her birthday.


Lauren said...

A future filmmaker in the family! Actually I can sympathize with big sister Claire after years of living with ink stains on my favorite REM t-shirt, my Boston cassette tape (yes, I am a child of the '80's) disappearing then mysteriously reappearing with tape streaming out of it, a favorite book returned with the cover torn off....thus resulting in my buying a lock and installing it myself (mom & dad having a key, of course)!

nancy b said...

I do feel sorry for Claire. We would probably give Lily away for all the mischief she makes, but she amuses us.

Kate B said...

Oh man this made me laugh I can just see it all happening. I call dibs on taking her to get her ears pierced now that I can drive! =]] Come visit again soon or kidnapp me please... Anything. =]

nancy b said...

That's impossible. You can't be driving. Aren't you still 13? If your unreasonable mother is at all being mean to you, you can come stay with us...

Dan Harrison said...

This sounds like us boys when we went through typhoon season in Oki.

Diane said...

Ah, the life of sisters. I had one (older) myself (although I don't think I was as mischievous as Lily)! And now it is my lot in life to referee two girls myself. Guess it's karma! Amusing nonetheless!